So On and So Forth

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So On and So Forth (2016)

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Track Listing:

  1. Yesterday Lies
  2. Games
  3. Played the Fool
  4. Straight in the Night
  5. Paris Calling
  6. Further
  7. Stop and Rest
  8. Easy Come, Easy Go
  9. A Painting by Hieronymus Bosch
  10. Wrecking Ball
  11. Silver Line
  12. Omaha

1 review for So On and So Forth

  1. Becky Rae

    Griffin, I have been wanting to contact since I started listening to So On and So Forth….Your songs keep getting better and better. I think Homecoming is a great CD, but I think your current CD is truly fabulous…..I listen to it every day and marvel how you keep writing these songs that have so much depth in them…..I am so very proud of you and wish you continued success…….With love……

    • Griffin House

      Thanks so much Becky Rae, not sure when you wrote this. But just now reading it. Appreciate it 🙂

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